It is with great pleasure that I am announcing our introduction of Audio Description devices for use at Regent Cinemas. These devices allow our customers to listen to a seperate audio track that verbally describes what is happening up on the screen, enhancing the movie experience for the visually impaired. These new devices are available from the box office for select sessions.

To start with, we have 5 of these devices which are available to most sessions in Cinema 5 and we will be looking to expand their use into all our cinemas over the next 24 months. As the devices use an additional audio track, only films that support Audio Descriptions can be used, though thankfully it is very rare that we receive a movie without Audio Description support. The devices are very easy to use, and our staff are fully trained and available to assist you if required.

These sessions are identified on our Website and App with the orange ‘AD’ stamp, and we will soon be adding an Audio Description option on our phone system to enable the visually impaired to hear exactly which sessions in a week support AD. If you don’t have a device in these sessions, it will just be like a normal screening.

If you know somebody who could benefit from this, please let them know and when you try one of the devices out, please let us know how the experience was, we would love to hear your feedback!

Bart Squires-Spratling
General Manager