Our Cry Baby sessions are run with the lights on and the sound turned down, so no need to worry about bub getting fussy, we make cinema-going as comfortable as possible for you and your baby. Even if bub does get fussy, these sessions are exactly for that purpose so the other customers in the cinema will be understanding.

These sessions are run on Monday’s and Wednesdays, and they can be identified on any of our session times (printed, newspaper or online) by the ‘CB’ indicator. We allocate a range of different films in the hopes that there is something for everyone, from romance to comedy and even horror!

What about normal sessions?

Of course you’re more than welcome to take your baby to any of our regular or Gold Class sessions, however we do ask that in that circumstance if your baby becomes a bit upset or irritable and is potentially disturbing other customers during the film, that you pop our of the auditorium until they settle back down.

Are there Cry Baby sessions during school holidays?

At this stage we don’t run Cry Baby sessions during school holidays, due to the amount of film product we run in those times. However again you are more than welcome to take bub to a regular session. 🙂

Hopefully this information has helped you to decide if a Cry Baby session could be of benefit to you, if so you can find them on our Accessible Sessions page, or even just on the regent home page. Just click the ‘Cry Baby’ filter and it will automatically show you the Cry Baby sessions you need.