Where can I park around the cinema?

Mair Street has 3 hour paid parking or the Ballarat civic hall, $6.50 all day parking.

Do Regent Cinemas sell Gift Cards?

Gift cards are available for purchase both in store and online. They come with no restrictions on purchases within the cinema and offer a massive 4 years expiry! Whether it’s a last minute birthday present or an anniversary gift sure to please, our gift cards start at as little as $20 dollars and going up in increments of your own choice from there.

Can I purchase gifts online?

Our website allows for quick and easy experience when purchasing online. With an array of items to choose from. Online purchases come with optional express or registered postage to ensure your gift arrives safely and on time!

Are seats allocated in your auditoriums?

There are no seat allocations in our traditional cinemas allowing the freedom to sit where you choose. However we do allocate seating in both our Showcase Premium & Showcase cinemas, these seats are allocated to ensure our customer obtain the best seats available and provides them with ample time to enjoy the extensive range our Regent Café Lounge has to offer.

What is Showcase?

Our complex incorporates two Showcase cinemas, these auditoriums may be a touch smaller in seating capacity but they offer a grand experience. Showcase cinemas are the perfect way to relax and offer many options not seen in a traditional theatre. Aside from our “next best” seat allocations (which provide out patrons with the best possible seat). Both of our Showcase cinemas are also fully licensed! Kick back and relax with a coffee and cake or make an evening of it with a glass of fine wine and a mouth-watering chef prepared meal. To learn more about our Showcase Cinemas please click here.

Do you have EFTPOS?

All of our departments now showcase Eftpos facilities at every register! Whilst we are not able to provide cash out, there is a no minimum spend throughout the cinema, leaving you free to pay on card cinema wide. Accepting all major cards (including AMEX, VISA & MASTERCARD) and boasting a low 1.9% surcharge on credit purchases.

Do you have disabled access?

All of our auditoriums are fully accessible to disabled patrons of any need. With wheelchair access to all, a recently upgraded and levelled footpath and our very own elevator cinema access is made easy. Add in the friendly, happy to help, on hand usher staff and we are more than willing to make your cinema experience as pleasant as possible. To learn more about our cinemas accessibility, visit this page.

Do you provide Open Caption sessions?

We endeavor to host a minimum of one Open caption session per week, often providing more. Hosting hearing loops in all of our cinemas. We aim to provide the most enjoyable cinema experience possible. To learn more about our cinemas accessibility, visit this page.

What discounts do we offer on tickets?

Our Movie Club cards, specifically tailored to three age demographics are our number one primary way to save on tickets! Aside from these we do accept a range of government issued subsides. These include: Secondary student concessions, Healthcare and pension cards, seniors cards, DVA & Repatriation cards & Companion cards. We also offer discounts to those patrons whom have traveled to our cinema from another township and provide a special discount on members of the Ballarat art gallery.

Do Movie Club cards work at the Candy Bar?

Movie club cards offer much more than just discounted tickets, you also receive a massive 10% savings on any food or drink purchased at both the Candybar and our Gold Class Café

Is our popcorn gluten free, dairy free and vegan?

Yes it is to all of the above!
Our popcorn is made from the following Ingredients:
+ Seed: corn
+ RBD coconut oil
+ Butter Salt (extra fine, NI Flavour, non-iodised) [Salt, colour(102),
+ nature identical flavours] Colour (102) Beta Carotene (160A)

Ingredients may change ratio upon popper machine. The popcorn are 100% gluten free.

The ‘Butter salt’ contains no dairy

Can I take food from the Snack Bar into the cinema?

Of Course! Foods purchased from our snack bar menu are definitely allowed to be brought into the auditorium. Whilst we prohibit any hot foods purchased from other vendors, we have a carefully selected range of food and drink, cooked fresh, piping hot and ready to enjoy.

Are Regent Cinemas affiliated with any other cinema? Can I use vouchers or giftcards purchased elsewhere?

The Regent Cinemas is an independent cinema, with no affiliations to other large name companies. As such we do not accept vouchers or giftcards purchased elsewhere.

More questions?

If you have any other questions you’d like to ask, please visit our Contact Us page!