Terms and Conditions Regent Entertainment Pty Ltd Regent Cinemas Movie Club Membership Card(s):

  1. This document contains the terms and conditions governing the purchase and subsequent use of the Movie Club Membership Cards for associated goods or services from Regent Entertainment Pty Ltd ABN: 94085956216 trading as Regent Cinemas – Ballarat.
  2. Regent Cinemas Movie Club Membership Card(s) are sold for a retail value and include Movie Club, Family Club, Kids Club & Seniors Club and provide each purchaser with a 12 month membership. Regent Cinemas Movie Club Membership Card(s) benefits are only valid at Regent Cinemas Ballarat.
  3. Regent Cinemas Sports Club card is only available to sponsored sporting clubs where a sponsorship agreement is in place. The card is valid for the agreed time of the sponsorship. Offers from external businesses are not the responsibility of Regent Entertainment.
  4. A valid Regent Cinemas Movie Club Membership Card(s) must be presented to receive the respective offers that are available. Members are required to sign the signature panel on the back of their respective card and may be requested to present photographic identification to verify them as being the current member upon demand.
  5. Any lost of stolen card should be reported to our Box Office staff. A replacement card fee of $1.00 incl GST will apply for each re-issued card with the lost one being immediately cancelled.
  6. Any Regent Cinemas Movie Club Membership Card(s) can only be used once in any hour period and our point of sale system will identify and decline any Regent Cinemas Movie Club Membership Card(s) which attempts to breach this policy.
  7. Regent Cinemas Kids Club available to children 14 years of age and under.
  8. Seniors Club membership is valid to any person 60 years of age or more and who presents a current valid Commonwealth Government Seniors Card.
  9. It is any member’s responsibility to notify Regent Cinemas of a change of address or if their membership card has not been received within four weeks from the date of purchase.
  10. Regent Cinemas Movie Club Card(s) remain the property of RE at all times. Any misuse or breach of these terms and conditions may lead to the applicable membership being cancelled with no refund on initial retail purchase being provided.
  11. You will be required to provide Personal information to Regent Entertainment as part of the application process to obtain your Regent Cinemas Movie Club Membership Card(s). If you do not provide that Personal information to Regent Entertainment, your membership application cannot be completed and offer you the associated offers, goods and services. All Personal information Regent Entertainment collects as part of this membership will be maintained in accordance with Regent Entertainment’s Privacy Policy. Employees of Regent Entertainment P/L and its related bodies corporate are entitled to become members of the Movie Club Membership Card(s), but are not entitled to enter any competitions or similar activities where there may be a potential conflict of interest. Regent Entertainment will use its reasonable endeavours to maintain security of any Personal Information that you provide. However Regent Entertainment cannot give an absolute assurance that the information you provide to us will be secure at all times and customers who elect to purchase and become part of the Movie Club Membership Card(s) program do so on this understanding.
  12. Regent Entertainment may elect to share some of its Regent Cinemas Movie Club(s) membership information to other external companies or organisations to further enhance the offers to the membership and for commercially beneficial reasons.
  13. Further information relating to our privacy statement can be found at http://regentballarat.com.au/terms-conditions/
  14. All retail prices, associated benefits and offers are current as of January 1,2018 and may be subject to change without notice.
  15. Any correspondence relating to the Movie Club Membership Card(s) program should be directed to the Customer Services Officer, Regent Cinemas PO Box 277, Ballarat 3353.